Wood Care

Bliss Home carries furniture that inherently features different patterns and unique characteristics of the wood. Each piece showcases its own distinct markings and rustic elegance appeal. All natural wood will display movement from season to season due to changes in temperature and humidity and may vary in coloration over time. Some small splits may form on the surface, but they only add character to the piece. Knots and joint lines are natural properties of wood and add interest without affecting performance or durability and are not considered defects.

The care of wood furniture varies according to the wood species, finish, construction, and function of the piece. Please consult your Sales Associate for more specific care guidelines, as some collections have supplemental care instructions for long-term maintenance. Wood furniture, while durable and functional, is not indestructible. Following our care guidelines will help you preserve the beauty and integrity of each and every piece.

General Care: Avoid placing wood furniture in humid or dry areas or next to humidifiers or air vents. Direct sunlight may slightly darken or lighten wood furniture. Based on frequency of use and storage conditions, dining table leaves may change tone at a different rate than the table itself. In the same vein, we advise that you rearrange tabletop accessories from time to time to better ensure more even coloration.

Dust wood surfaces with a dry, soft cloth. Remove any soil buildup with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Immediately wipe spills with a soft dry cloth. If water is left standing on a wood surface, white spots can form; such spots may dissipate over time. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives on any finish. We advise against using commercial solvents and polishes as they can cause residue accumulation. To reduce the possibility of scratching, use felt pads on any hard objects that are placed directly on the wood. Always use coasters, trivets, and placemats or tablecloths to prevent heat and liquids from having direct contact with wood surfaces.

Since finishes can chip and surfaces can become scratched, remember that you invested in a piece of furniture- such as a cocktail table, bench, end table, and the like- not a footrest or craft table. Accordingly, use your furniture for its designed purpose in order to better maintain durability and appearance.

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