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What are the first things you do when redesigning a room?

I measure the space, assess windows/ natural lighting and the purpose of the room.

Then I edit what's already there for function and placement before seeking to add new pieces.

It's important to help the client spend wisely, so they trust our judgement, are happy with changes, and come back; sales are great, but building good client relationships is more fruitful in the long-run.

How long have you been in interior design?

Approximately 15 years

What is your favorite part of the design process?

There is a moment when a palpable harmony is created between colors, textures and objects in a room, and the space starts to become nurturing. That is a great thing; I call it JUJU, and every home/family has its own potential for that. Seeing the client's doubts, fears, worries turn to BLISS is pretty groovy too!

What else inspires you to design?

I believe in the quality of life aspect of a well-appointed home.

What is your favorite color or color palate?

I love color! Complex colors that change with light are my favorite. Typically, colors that look good ON the client, will be the ones that make them happy in their spaces. I usually discuss color in the very beginning, as people have strong feelings about it, as well they should.

What are some classic pieces everyone should have?

Basically, it's better to have less than to fill a space with 'disposable' furnishings. Everyone should have good rugs, comfy seating with a place to put a drink nearby, and stick to fewer, better pieces. Its important to buy for your lifestyle. And LAMPS! Ambient lighting can mellow out a space, whereas overhead lighting can be harsh and unflattering.

Your favorite Bliss Home collection is:

I love the Younger mid-century inspired seating as well as Dovetail. I'm all about blending styles and throwing in some sentimental or meaningful bits of the homeowner's experience. I also love all the local flavor accessories. Pride of place is important to what we do, and those little touches bring the BLISS HOME concept to things that are used day to day.

Worst thing you could do to a space:

Match everything! Suites of factory-made furniture that has no soul. With overhead lights.

Pearl Nichols

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