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What is your favorite part of the design process?
My favorite part about the design process is building a relationship with the client, get a true sense of who they are and bringing their personality into the project. Whether that be in a playful way with bold color and lush textures or simpler way with subtle neutrals and a whisper of soft tones.

What else inspires you to design? Art and the Outdoors. I like to mimic color schemes within some of my favorite pieces, Mountain and Sea by Helen Frankenthaler is a prime example. Or with the outdoors I like to bring what is already outside inside; whether that means textures, color, natural woods.

What is your favorite color or color palate?

I am drawn to many different color schemes. I am an artist and color is what I value most in a space and that's what initially creates the mood for a room. Currently I'm drawn to deep jewel tones, crisp whites, natural woods and golds as accents.

Your favorite Bliss Home collection is:

I love everything Precedent! It is by far my favorite vendor we carry at Bliss Home. The Jennifer and Elisha sofa frames are my favorite and their Mid-century collection is to die for. My absolute favorite piece of furniture at Bliss Home is the Jasper Chair. It's a wide-mouth mid-century modern accent chair, and must be ordered in an eccentric, bold pattern to make it truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Let's make a statement together!

Your personal favorite piece of furniture:

Oh man, That's a tricky question. I am personally drawn to the artisan quality of the Victorian Age furniture, with the great attention to detail in the hand-carved appliques, tufting and ornate upholstery fabrics.

Worst thing you could do to a space:

Clutter, is the worst.... Simplify is the best thing you can do for a space.

Gwyn Jones

Bliss Home

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