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What is your favorite part of the design process?
Getting to know the client. I see myself as a facilitator to help bring their wants and wishes into their individual spaces - my best designs are always that personalized collaboration

How long have you been interested/involved with interior design?
As a career since 1985, but I have always loved the creative, eclectic and imaginative side of design . Repurposing items to be used in a different way is a fun, affordable and impacting alternative to designing a space.

What is your favorite color and/or color pallete?
I am drawn to a neutral palette, but with this being said, my favorite crayon in the box is definitely red!

Where do you get your inspiration?
I think inspiration can be anything and everything . It is an important aspect to any design project , large or small.

What is the best advice you give to a customer/client who might not know where to start/is undecided?
Only use items you love. I always ask myself “Is it dust worthy?-meaning how will I feel every time I need to clean, dust and handle an item. You need to love it and get good energy from having it around you.

What is the best easy fix to give a room a new and improved feel?
DECLUTTER ! Less really is more. This simple task is an affordable and completely impacting quick fix to any room. Works every time!

What are some classic pieces that everyone should have?
Comfortable chair and ottoman, sofa table and good lighting.

My favorite thing to add to a room is/are
Hardbound books. They add interest, texture and character

The worst thing you could ever do to a space is
Over crowd it with stuff. The best rooms have a balance of open space and beautiful things. Simple yet stylish.

The best piece of furniture to own is
Something with character/uniqueness. Every room should have a conversation starter

My favorite Bliss piece/pieces/collection is
Anything that isn’t matchy-matchy. I am very eclectic and love the mix and match concept that Bliss is so well known for.

Diana Fox

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