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What are the first things you do when redesigning a room?

I will typically try to imagine a space empty or only with the items that are staying in the room, then arrange them in a way that best suites the room and the functionality of it... looking at a clients home for the first time can also provide a fresh perspective that someone accustomed to the space might not think of initially. The most important factor for me is simply listening to a clients needs and finding the right solutions for that individual.

How long have you been in interior design?

I have officially been working in interior design for 12 years but it really started to peak my interest around age 13 or so.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

I love interacting with our clients! It's a true privilege to be entrusted with something that is such a personal and long term part of someones life.

What else inspires you to design?Art, architecture, film, fashion, music... it's all interconnected. To me a good piece of furniture is art. The other arts can and do inspire me to continue to reinvent my own personal style.

What is your favorite color or color palate?

That depends on the space. I love calm tones in a bedroom or bathroom to promote relaxation, greys and blues for example... a punch of color in an entertaining area to promote conversation and increase energy, such as a rust or butterscotch tone. I find the phycological impact of color in a space quite intriguing.

What are some classic pieces everyone should have?

Whether it be a beautiful leather sofa or a well made dining table, I feel like everyone should at least have a few heirloom quality pieces that they can pass on to future generations to enjoy.

Your favorite Bliss Home collection is: I love Precedent's mid century sofa collection. The Isaac is a personal favorite that I plan on adding to my own home very soon.

Your personal favorite piece of furniture: That's a tough question to answer... I've always wanted Harry Bertoia's Bird Chair and I do have a birthday coming up... ;)

Worst thing you could do to a space: Add too much clutter! It's amazing how an organized space can provide mental clarity and encourage relaxation.

Casey Robertson

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